Today's Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
July 20, 2024



Discover the unbeatable firearm experience with us! Our goal is to provide an outstanding experience for our visitors. Come and indulge in our 12-lane gun range. Each of the 12 lanes has a user-friendly target system for improving your shooting skills, sound suppression technology.

The lounge area has undergone recent renovations to enhance comfort for our guests. We welcome you to drop in and explore it for yourself. Whether with friends, family, or a special someone, we invite you to create wonderful memories.

Additionally, we offer basic handgun classes and CWC classes. Feel free to ask our team any questions you may have. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you.

Range Rules

The Range will close one hour before the store closes.

Children below the age of 10 are not allowed. All minors must attend while being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who will sign all documents and stay with them at all times.

Note: The range is constructed for pistols and guns of pistol calibers only up to 44 magnum. Rifles in these pistol calibers are acceptable.

  1. Eye and Ear Protection must be worn at all times when on the range
  2. Always close the door behind you before opening the next Door
  3. Firearms must be cased until in the shooter’s box
  4. Firearms must be cased when leaving the shooters box
  5. Firearms placed on the rear shelf must be cased
  6. Tape your target at the Black Line on the cardboard holder
  7. Rapid fire is only permitted at the first red line on the floor
  8. Rapid fire must be at the chest level – no headshots
  9. PLEASE sweep up your brass and place it in the buckets
  10. DO NOT go forward of the shooting box for any reason
  11. If there is a problem with anything – get the range super
  12. Only one shooter in the shooting box at a time
  13. The firearm should always be pointed down the range
  14. Observe gun safety rules at all times
  15. Remember the Doors

Range Fees

Open 7 Days a Week!

One Shooter:
(Weekdays) $17.00
(Sat-Sun) $20.00

2nd Shooter:
(Weekdays) $17.00
(Sat-Sun) $16.00

Military & First Responders:

Hand Gun Rental:

Rifle – Carbine Rental:


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